Mayor’s Assistant

Lisa Sitz

Animal Control

Tommy Mann

Water & Sewer

Water Superintendant
Cameron Tate
Sewer Supervisor
Larry Stice
Water Clerk: Connie Collins

Waste & Recycling

Bryan Wells and Edgar Daniels


  • Recycling pickup is early AM on Wednesday contact City Hall
  • Residential trash pickups Monday and Wednesday Business trash pick up Friday, call City Hall for more information
  • For Garbage complaints Contact City Hall

City Shop


Code Enforcement

Cameron Tate

Street Superintendent

Richard Varner

Tommy Mann
Frankie Maynard

Sanitation Superintendent

Bryan Wells


Edgar Daniels

City Clerk – 2
Mayor -3
Police Chief Saffell– 4
Officer Walker – 5
Officer Haynes – 6
Officer Bupp – 7
Water Dept. – 8
Court House   +1-870-237-4342
Senior Citizens Center +1-870-237-1077


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